One down, one to go!

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I feel slightly like a Michael Jackson video at this point – although I don’t think I’m wearing my single glove out anywhere in public, lol. But I am pretty happy with how it turned out, although there are a few things that I’d like to do differently for glove #2. Whether or not I make those changes and end up with a slightly mis-matched pair will probably depend on my mood at the time as I get to certain points in the second glove.

Let’s back up a bit though – here’s how it looked when I’d finished the ‘glove’ part…

FirstGlove 005

FirstGlove 006

The colored fingers really don’t look as crazy as I thought they might. And it actually worked out extremely well with what I did next.  You see that extra piece of yarn woven through the back of the glove in the photo above? I decided as I was knitting, before I started the fingers, that I would make the ‘convertible’ option for the glove. Basically, it’s an added flap that covers the fingers and coverts it from a fingerless glove to a mitten. And I’m so glad that I decided to do that, because just by coincidence – the colors ended up working out perfectly to match what I’d already knitted for the body of the glove!

See for yourself…

FirstGlove 007

FirstGlove 008

The flap folds back really nicely to give access to your fingertips when you need them:

FirstGlove 009

And here’s how it looks with the flap folded back, on the palm side:

FirstGlove 010

My only issues with how this turned out is that next time I might make the pinky finger a bit shorter and a little looser on top – you can see how it sticks up on the finger a little too high. All four fingers actually have the same number of rows, although it looks like the ring finger has less – I counted and it’s the same. And the pinky one is the same number too – but I didn’t consider that it’s a shorter finger in general. I probably could undo the last couple of rows and then re-bind off and I might consider doing that at some point.

The only other issue I have is with how pointy the mitten flap part is on top. I actually made about 8 fewer rows when I knitted it because I was worried about having too much excess at the top of the mitten, and I probably could have gone another few rows fewer even beyond that. I don’t have long fingers and don’t like having a ton of extra fabric at the top.

I did start the second glove last night – I found a spot in the yarn that looks like it may repeat the color pattern fairly closely, at least at first. Apparently that is a known issue with this yarn – I researched it a little bit online. They dye the yarn before spinning it, so the color progression can differ. One website warns that any gloves, mittens or socks made with this yarn will most likely end up ‘fraternal’ twins instead of ‘identical’ ones. I guess I’ll find out as I go!