Well, it started off as an enjoyable, kid-free morning…

Such as when you’ve dropped the kids off at an every-morning-this-week summer Vacation Bible School program and done the smart, responsible thing and headed to the Y for a 2-mile walk, and then are on your way to the grocery store to grab the essentials you need to restock your kitchen without having to drag 3 kids all the way to the store…

And are sitting at a complete stop a couple of cars behind someone turning left onto a side street because there’s no center turn lane, listening to one of your favorite podcasts and simply enjoying the kid-free time…

Then you hear tires squeal behind you, catch a glimpse of a minivan out of the rear view window, but have no time to move (and nowhere to go) before the loud crash shakes the rear of your minivan and you hear shattered glass and plastic crumpling.

VanAccident-Jun2012 003

Sigh. I can’t remember exactly how long it had been since I’d been involved in an auto accident – but many years, though. And no, it wasn’t exactly how I’d figured on spending my morning. The driver behind me was checking her rearview mirror (she said) and didn’t see me stopped in front of her until it was too late to stop. She did try to go around on the shoulder, but as you can see from the photo above, she didn’t quite make it.


I was the only one in the car at the time – I’m so thankful that my kids weren’t with me, as they would have been completely freaked out. Not to mention that Becca sits in the rear on the corner that was hit, so who knows what might have happened if she’d been back there at the time – especially if I’d been hit dead-on in the back instead of on the corner.

The van was (sort of) drivable afterward – the right tail light was gone and the bumper on that side kept falling further and further off the van as I drove to pick the girls up and then home. The police officer who came out told me not to drive it any more than I had to in order to get it home. But at least I wasn’t stranded 7 miles south of home with no other vehicle and a hubby who’s out of town at the moment.

Oh yes, did I mention that part? Ron’s gone for work right now, so I should have known that something like this would happen the day after he left…

We’d been procrastinating about reducing our insurance coverage on the van after paying it off in March – so thankfully we still have full coverage, roadside assistance and rental car assistance on it, along with broadened collision so we won’t even need to pay the deductible since I was not the at-fault driver. I think we’ll be leaving the coverage as-is now. 😉

I was not injured seriously – just a sore neck and headache. I did call my doctor and stopped at urgent care to get checked out after I picked the girls up, just in case – but it’s just muscle strain and nothing more.


The past two days have now been filled with begging favors from friends and neighbors to get the girls to their summer program this morning, dealing with insurance issues, finding a body shop and getting the van towed, renting a car, and wondering if the van is actually worth fixing since it’s 9 years old and has almost 150,000 miles on it. In the end, it’ll be up to the insurance company – but I’m hoping it’ll be fixable. We are planning on getting a second vehicle in the fall, but need to keep this one around as a spare if at all possible. If it is fixed, I’m told that it’ll take at least a week.

iPhone 001The girls don’t really care much – they just love the novelty of riding around in the bona-fide CAR I rented this afternoon. I do have to admit that it’s a pretty cool car – we ended up with a Volkswagen Jetta. I hadn’t realized the girls were so used only to minivans though until I was asked where we were going to put the groceries we’d picked up (yes, finally made it to the grocery store – but with the 3 kids in tow). I said, “in the trunk, of course”.

“What’s the trunk?”

If nothing else this accident is providing my kids with an educational experience!

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