Telling Santa what to do

My oldest daughter is a very unique personality. She’s a concrete thinker to the extreme where everything is black-and-white with no grays in between. We struggle with the fact that she just simple NEEDS to be in the middle of what’s going on – not just to know that things are going to happen as they’re supposed to, but to do what she personally can to ensure it.

In practicality, this comes across as being bossy, ‘in your face’ and a control freak. We get frustrated when she appears to be trying to parent her sisters or to tell us how to parent. I keep having to remind myself that this is just how her brain is wired – she’s the kind of person who can’t delegate, who won’t relax unless she gets things done herself.

Thus the letter that she very helpfully penned to Santa Claus last month on Christmas Eve. And yes, even at 10 years old, she does still believe. As is quite obvious from the fact that she felt the need to make sure he absolutely understood how the whole ‘cookies and milk’ thing was going to go down in our house…

ChristmasEve2011 013

ChristmasEve2011 014b

The girls had all made magnets as gifts out of ‘melting beads’ and decided to leave one shaped as a sleigh as a gift for Santa. I suppose my daughter just wanted to make sure that he understood, since this wasn’t a typical item we leave every year.

I can guarantee that Santa is making good use of the magnet. And that the ‘reindeer’ did share!

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