Review: Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes

Back when my older girls were potty training (a process that seemed to go on forever, lol!), I discovered the joy that is flushable moist wipes. Suddenly we didn’t have a diaper pail to handle regular baby wipes anymore, and just throwing them in the regular garbage seemed, well icky. Having wipes right there in the bathroom that you can then flush right with everything else was a great solution and we used them again when my youngest was potty training too. It was about that time that I realized how helpful it is in general to keep flushable moist wipes in the bathroom – not only for the little kids, but to help us adults feel fresh when we need to as well. And we’ve had a tub of Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes available on the back of the toilet pretty much ever since. :)

What they are:

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Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes are most notable in that they break up like toilet paper does when flushed, and are safe for sewer and septic systems. These alcohol-free wipes provide a fresh alternative to toilet paper alone and help give you a clean-in-between showers feeling all day. Available in a variety of package sizes and types, you can match tub style to your bathroom décor or carry a resealable pouch with you when you’re out and about. Here’s more information from their website:

Cottonelle Fresh® Flushable Moist Wipes are flushable and are suitable for the following purposes, as listed on the package:

  • With toilet paper as part of your bathroom routine
  • When traveling
  • To clean hands and faces

Cottonelle Fresh® Flushable Moist Wipes do not contain oil or soap. However, they do contain mild skin cleansers and emollients. Cottonelle brand has also improved the dispenser with its proprietary OneTouch technology, which makes it easier for everyone to use – just a touch, and you’re on your way. And each tub comes with a Cottonelle EasyReach™ hanger with Command™ brand strips from 3M. Command™ strips hold strongly yet remove cleanly allowing you to securely mount the EasyReach™ hanger where ever you want without worrying about damaging your walls.

Courtesy of Cottonelle and Mom Central, we received a tub of Cottonelle Fresh flushable moist wipes and a 12-double-roll pack of Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper to try out and review.


Here’s my take on them:

Cottonelle 001Cottonelle’s flushable moist wipes have been our choice for a while now – mainly because they’re alcohol-free and they do work very well. The wipes are strong enough to clean well, but do break down when flushed – at least we’ve had no trouble with them in our pipes or sewer system that I know of. And my 5-year-old has been known to use several at a time, so if they were going to clog anything, I think there’ve been plenty of chances. She calls them ‘wipe-wipes’ and is quick to let me know whenever we run out because she doesn’t like wiping just with toilet paper. Neither do I anymore, for that matter. Without going into too much detail, I’ve found that these do a really good job of keeping me fresh, and I definitely notice a difference when I’m using bathrooms elsewhere that don’t offer the flushable wipes. For those times, I try to keep some of the on-the-go options in my purse too, which also helps.

I really like the new tub design – it’s much easier to open it with the larger button to press. And it also stays closed better than our previous one did too. We don’t have room to use the EasyReach hanger – there’s only enough space for our toilet paper roll holder on the side of our vanity cabinet, next to the toilet and it’s already crowded there just with that. So I keep the Cottonelle wipes tub on the back of the toilet for anyone to grab and use as needed. I do like the idea of fastening the tub to the cabinet or a wall if it were possible though – our tub seems to end up on the floor more often than not, so it would be great if it could stay put somewhere! Someday, when we’re finally able to do the badly-needed renovations on our bathroom, I plan to adjust the floor plan so there’s a lot more space for toilet paper and wipes without having to feel like you’re being squished up against them. The baby blue fixtures need to go too – but until then, I’m happy that there’s a Cottonelle flushable wipes tub that coordinates – white with blue accents. :)

The bottom line:

I wondered, at first, about the added cost of purchasing flushable wipes on top of the toilet paper that we were already buying. But what I discovered is that we go through much less toilet paper now because cleaning with the wipes is so much more effective. I now see having Cottonelle’s flushable moist wipes in the bathroom as a necessity, and my family has let me know that they agree as well.

Where can you find them?:

You can purchase the different varieties of Cottonelle’s flushable moist wipes at most retailers where toilet paper and wipes are sold. And until September 1st you can receive a $1.00 off coupon for a tub of Fresh Moist Wipes by sharing “fresh rewards” at! For more information, you can check out

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cottonelle and received product and a promotional item as a thank you for my participation.

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  1. rose says

    We have Cottonelle flushable moist wipes in both our bathrooms. We have a septic system and that the Cottonelle flushable moist wipes break down is a good thing.
    A plus is hanging the Cottonelle flushable moist wipes tub on the wall…great idea!
    We recently painted the bathrooms so I had to buy more of the Cottonelle flushable moist wet wipes tubs… as we needed more of the wall hangers.
    Thank you, Cottonelle!!!