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Over the years, my kids’ rooms have gone through a few metamorphoses – from Winnie The Pooh (oldest daughter’s nursery) to Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, and finally much more generic and budget-friendly ‘flowers’ or ‘butterflies’ themes. It’s truly amazing what you can do to create a cute kid room without having to either break the bank or to through the effort to re-paint every time. Especially since as we all know – kids’ tastes and likes/dislikes change as they get older, making the ‘cutest room ever’ obsolete way before we parents are often ready.

One way that I’ve found to really help customize a room easily is by using removable wall stickers. They’re super easy to put up, you can move them around if you re-arrange furniture, and there are some extremely cute ones out there – like the ones from Bright Star Kids.

BSK-logoWhat they are:

Bright Star Kids offers both wall graphics to decorate your child’s room or playroom, and personalized labels for kid products. They are based in Australia (how cool is that!) and offer a wide variety of styles, designs and colors.

Their removable wall decals come in three different styles:

Wall Graphics – Fun, attractive designs for boys, girls or baby’s nursery in a variety of themes like dinosaurs, butterflies, farm animals, or sea  creatures.


Wall Letters – Allow you to customize your child’s room with his or her name or a favorite saying. Sold by the individual letter or in kits with text such as “Angels Danced The Day You Were Born” or “Happy Birthday”.


Chalkboard dots and panels – Turn any room into a place for kids to express their own creativity with removable chalkboard graphics that let them scribble whatever, and whenever they want.


Thanks to the Family Review Network, I received a set of the wall graphics to try out.

Here’s my take on them:

BrightStarKids_001I have to first start off with a disclaimer – due to my own lack of oversight, I didn’t specify the correct set of graphics (Fairy Wonderland) that I was hoping to receive. And although the ones we did get are adorable, none of my girls were very thrilled about the idea of putting dinosaurs up in their rooms. So, I put a few up in order to review them, but will be gifting the set to a friend who has a 14-month-old little boy with very bare walls in his bedroom. I’m sure they will be quite the hit, and I’ll explain why I think so as I go on with this review.  :)

The set comes with five sheets of graphics – each in a different color, and with a variety of both large (dinosaur) shapes and smaller (bones and footprints) ones so you can have a lot of creative freedom in deciding how you want to design the layout.


I absolutely love the bright colors and these dinosaurs are among the cutest I’ve ever seen. The individual stickers peel right off of the paper, and stick easily to the wall – and one thing I immediately noticed is that there is no peeling or curling of the edges, which is a problem I’ve had with other (much cheaper) wall stickers in the past. You can peel them back off either to reposition or remove them, and there was no visible damage to the paint beneath or any other sign that the sticker had been there.


To me, the best advantage of a set like this one is that you can position them wherever and however you need, to fit your child’s needs and the layout of the room. For example, the friend that I’m giving this set to pointed out to me that it would be difficult for her to put up a traditional wall border in her son’s room due to the fact that he’s a busy, active toddler who currently puts everything he can reach in his mouth – and it’s difficult to place a border where it will both look good and be out of reach of the crib. These stickers will let her place them well away from the ‘danger zone’ (lol) but still in areas of the room where they’ll look amazing.

The bottom line:

Not only are wall stickers from Bright Star Kids cute, colorful and fun – but they are practical as well, since they are both durable and removable. This makes them perfect not only for renters, who can’t make permanent changes to rooms, but also to be able to switch the room around if furniture is re-arranged or just for a change. Plus, as kids’ tastes change, you can take these down and use elsewhere as well.

Where can you find them?:

You can purchase Bright Star Kids wall stickers or personalized labels directly from their site at Prices vary depending on the set (and keep in mind they’re in Australian dollars – you can change the currency type at the top of the website), but if you buy two or more sets together you can save up to 25% off. Or until April 25th, you can use the code ‘FAMILYREVIEW’ to receive 20% off of your entire order (except where other discounts apply)!

I also should note for US or other non-Australian residents, these came extremely quickly once shipped – and they ship within 2 business days from when ordered. I had mine much faster than I’d expected, but there could be delays depending on where you live.

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