(Not very) Wordless Wednesday – Bubbles!

Now that my girls are getting older, they don’t break out the bubble wands the same way that they used to. But my youngest recently spent a tooth fairy dollar on a very cool bubble tube thingy where you wave the wand to create the bubbles instead of blowing. She and her oldest sister had a blast creating, chasing and popping the bubbles – and I just can’t resist sharing bubble photos since they’re one of my favorite things to take pics of. :)

GirlsPlayingWithBubbles 012

GirlsPlayingWithBubbles 007

GirlsPlayingWithBubbles 006

GirlsPlayingWithBubbles 026

GirlsPlayingWithBubbles 014

GirlsPlayingWithBubbles 017

GirlsPlayingWithBubbles 025

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