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TheUPSStoreShop_037 When I was a kid, my dad was a manufacturer’s representative for a while and we used to get deliveries of new lines for him to sell all the time. My brother and I used to eagerly wait for the big, brown UPS truck to pull up in front of our house and then race to the door to see if whatever interesting-looking boxes were being dropped off might just, possibly, be for us. They never were, of course – but it was fun to imagine. Nowadays, I’m the one who gets packages dropped off for on a regular basis – and it’s my own kids who can’t wait to see what interesting-looking boxes that our UPS driver brought.  :)

As a review blogger, I do have packages of my own to ship every so often (although I try to avoid shipping things myself if at all possible). I generally do my shipping and sending from the post office – but that’s not always very convenient. I hadn’t really thought about the alternate options, mainly because I always think of UPS as more expensive. But I’ve come to realize that’s not always the case. Thanks to Collective Bias, I had the opportunity recently to visit The UPS Store in order to try out their shipping, mailing or printing services. I was very impressed – not only with the number of services they provide in one location, – but also with the level of customer service. And the price. But more on that in a minute.

TheUPSStoreShop_021 I didn’t actually need to ship anything on this trip, but I had 3 items to send via postal mail – a job application (fingers crossed!), some documents for my husband’s student loans, and a letter that my 7-year-old had written to her best friend. She had addressed that envelope herself, but I didn’t have flat envelopes of the right size to send the other items in, so I figured I could hopefully buy everything I needed right at The UPS Store. I was hoping to find flat envelopes in white – somehow that just seems more professional to me than sending something like that in a brown one. I suppose it really doesn’t matter though – if I miss out on a job, solely because of the color of envelope that I used… Who knows.

You can see some of the specifics about how this shopping trip went below (from Whrrl.com) – and who/what my 4-year-old brought along as a sidekick on the trip. In general though I was very happy with the service they provided – and was thrilled that they were having a color copy sale, because I also needed to print some 2-sided color copies of our holiday letter to send out to family and friends with our holiday cards this year. I was able to get 30 copies made on a nice quality paper that doesn’t bleed through from one side to the other – for a very reasonable price. And even though I didn’t find flat white envelopes at The UPS Store, I was overall very happy with the experience. I think I’ll head back there next time I need to ship something too – especially after what I overheard while I was gathering up my stuff on the way out. A guy had brought in a package to ship because the price he’d been quoted at the post office was $25 – which he felt was too high. I have to admit that I eavesdropped a slight bit – I’d always thought it was more expensive to ship via UPS, so I wanted to know what he would be quoted from them. It turned out to be $19.95 – cheaper than the postal rate for the same package! The UPS Store employee said that it had to do with the size and shape of that box, but I was very surprised – and pleased to find that out. I’ll definitely look more into shipping with and at The UPS Store the next time that I have a package to go out!

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This post courtesy of: The UPS Store and Collective Bias, who provided compensation for the shopping trip. However, all opinions given here are solely my own, as always.

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