Join us on our bike riding adventures this summer with Schwinn!

One of my husband’s proudest moments as a father came the very first time our oldest daughter climbed onto her bike. Well, at that point it was a tricycle, but close enough.  :)  He struggled for years as she moved up to a bike with training wheels but didn’t enjoy riding it very much, and he tried very hard not to push her before she was ready (not always successfully, lol). In fact, it wasn’t until after our daughter had eye surgery last summer that she started to actually want to ride a bike – and by the end of the summer she’d even given up her training wheels. Followed shortly by her younger sister too. My husband was thrilled (as was I), and we began talking about all of the places we could ride as a family. Except that our youngest was, at the time, still on a tricycle herself.  And although we tried putting her in the bike trailer, she wasn’t exactly happy to sit while everyone else was riding – and it wasn’t quite the same for the rest of us either. Big sisters still weren’t fully comfortable on two wheels yet anyway, so we waited – and hoped that 2010 would be our year for family bike rides.  :)

Which is one reason why I was thrilled when MyBlogSpark asked if we would be interested in chronicling our bike riding adventures this summer, in conjunction with Schwinn. We eagerly waited for our new bikes to arrive – and for my husband’s long work hours to allow him the time to put them together. That finally occurred over Memorial Day weekend. In the course of just an hour or two, the girls’ bikes went from this:

SchwinnBikes-Boxes_002 SchwinnBikes-Boxes_003

to this…


The kids’ bikes are all identical 20” ones – perfect for my older two girls, but definitely too big for my youngest. So although we did go ahead and put it together (my husband had a problem with one of the bike frames that was slightly bent, so ended up swapping a few wheels between the three bikes until he got them all to fit), it’s waiting for her to grow into it, and she’s currently riding her bigger sister’s old, smaller bike with training wheels.

You can check out to find information on how to choose the bike that’s right for you – whether your a child or an adult. I hadn’t realized that there are so many different kinds – from Cruiser bikes to All-Terrain, Comfort or even Hybrid ones. There’s also a ‘Bike Finder’ that will help you figure out the best option for your needs just by asking a few simple questions. And you can see what size bike you (or your kids) need by using their simple tips and height chart. I wish I’d had this chart available years ago – I always felt that my husband was pushing my girls into bikes they weren’t ready for size-wise yet. But the chart shows that my older two are right on with the 20” bikes they received this year – so now everyone’s happy.

That same day, my husband also put together his new Schwinn bike too – he’d never really had a ‘new’ bike before, so he is absolutely in love with this one. As am I – it’s a 21-speed comfort bike with a suspension on the front fork and the seat – and it’s his favorite color (blue). I may sneak a few rides on it during the day while he’s at work (sorry, dear!).  :)


I’m not sure that there’s much else that could’ve dragged my girls out of the pool next door on an absolutely gorgeous day – other than the opportunity to try out their new bikes for the very first time. Without even changing from their bathing suits, they were off and riding up and down the dead-end side street next to our house. And did they ever fly…

SchwinnBikes_003 SchwinnBikes_012

Yes, we added a basket to the front of one bike – not only did my daughter want it moved from her ‘old’ one, but it also works very well to tell their two bikes apart. Because you can’t be caught riding someone else’s bike, of course.

Unless you’re Daddy, that is:


But he certainly preferred his own bike over the girls’ pink and purple ones. Hmm, I can’t imagine why… LOL


We didn’t head out for any rides that day – it was way too hot for much riding and my bike hadn’t been put together yet. It wasn’t until last weekend when we finally had the chance to get the bikes back out and head out on our very first family bike ride together.  :)

Check back next week for all about how that experience went – but until then I’ll leave you with this video showing off everyone’s new bikes (except mine)!

You can follow our bike-riding journey this summer over on Flickr and YouTube as well!  :)

This post courtesy of: Schwinn and MyBlogSpark, who provided each of our family members with a new bike. No other payment or compensation was received for this post. All opinions given here are solely my own or those of my family.

Schwinn bikes are available at mass retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us and K-Mart, as well as independent bike shops.

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