Fun in the Sun for Field Day! (Review/Giveaway: Beyond Coastal sunscreen – ends 6/22)

This has been a very strange spring weather-wise, but Mother Nature appears to finally have gotten the message that it’s June and for the past couple of weeks we’ve been blessed with the kind of weather that the kids had been waiting for, the shorts-wearing, swimming, sun-filled kind of days that also involve something I hadn’t needed to remember until now… Sunscreen. My kids are used to being sprayed, slathered, or just plain old covered in sunscreen all summer long, any time they’re going to be out in the sun for a period of time – whether swimming in our neighbor’s pool, at one of our nearby gorgeous Lake Michigan beaches, or spending time at one of the non-shady local parks that we love to go to.

FieldDay2012 056And then, there are activities such as the one we had at school recently – our annual Field Day. Normally I’d probably have forgotten sunscreen (as I did for our last day of spring sports – since we hadn’t needed it up until then), but thankfully the teachers were very proactive about sending home reminders about appropriate attire, water bottles and the need for sun protection, since the weather was forecasted to be hot and sunny. The perfect kind of day for enjoying time outside with friends and a bit of healthy competition between classmates. :)

FieldDay2012 012This was the first year that all 3 of my kids participated, and Becca was thrilled to join her kindergarten class in activities like the water relay (utilizing wet sponges held on their heads as they ran), the marathon (about 1/8th of a mile in this case, the shoe-kick, ‘through the hoop’, and more – topped off with blue snow cones for everyone. I spent the afternoon heading back and forth (and back) to catch part of each of the girls’ events. Most of the events took place in direct sunlight, so I was very glad that I’d remembered to cover both myself and Becca in sunscreen before she left for school that afternoon. And I was glad to have a new, natural sunscreen to try out from Beyond Coastal! This was definitely a great day to test it out.

I am not usually a fan of sunscreen that involves me spreading it on with my hands – with 3 kids to cover (plus myself), it can take a long time and my hands are usually so greasy-feeling when I’m done. But with how often we’ve been needing to use sunscreen in recent years, I’ve also become concerned with what’s in the products that are getting applied to my kids’ bodies so often. Beyond Coastal’s products provide natural, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, are listed as one of the Environmental Working Group’s Top Sunscreens, include natural anti-oxidants and contain no harsh chemicals. Here’s more about them from their website:

ThreeTubesBeyond Coastal sunscreen and lip balms are clean, anti-oxidant rich formulas that offer true broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Our formulas were developed with specific people and purposes in mind, the goal being to develop formulas that:

  • Provide true UVA/UVB sun protection
  • Are clean and natural as possible
  • Anti-oxidant rich to rejuvenate and heal the skin
  • Transparent, non-greasy and easy to apply
  • Water and sweat resistant so they won’t sting your eyes
  • Fragrance Free, Oil Free and Paraben Free

Our mantra – PROTECTS, NOURISHES, REPAIRS and HYDRATES – tells you why our formulas are different.

PROTECT – Using AVOBENZONE, ZINC OXIDE and TITANIUM DIOXIDE our sunscreens give you real, not just claimed, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Our formulas PROTECT you from the sun’s harshest rays and their ensuing effects – skin cancer and photoaging.

NOURISH – Beyond Coastal formulas NOURISH your skin. What’s the point if your sunscreen is doing more harm than good? We use natural ingredients that refresh and rejuvenate your skin. We don’t use harsh chemicals that irritate your skin or degrade the environment. Our formulas are FRAGRANCE FREE, OIL FREE AND PARABEN FREE.

REPAIR – Our formulas REPAIR your skin. They are full of natural ANTI-OXIDANTS that offset the effects of free radicals caused by UVA/UVB rays. They restore skin tissue and maintain cell balance keeping your skin healthy and young.

HYDRATE – Beyond Coastal formulas are transparent, they HYDRATE your skin without oily residues, leaving your skin clean and fresh.

Our mission is to offer a healthy alternative sunscreen that you can trust.

BeyondCoastalI’d received a set of samples of the various sunscreens from Beyond Coastal a few weeks ago, and was excited to finally have a chance to try them out after the cold, rainy spring we’d had up until recently. :)

I like that these sunscreens are thick – it makes them a little more difficult to spread, but I know that it’s covering well that way. With thin or runny sunscreens, I often worry that it’ll be enough to protect us adequately, but with these I felt confident as I headed out into the bright afternoon sun, camera in hand, to cheer my kids and their classmates on in the various Field Day activities. Another thing I liked is that the sunscreen didn’t feel greasy on my skin like so many of them do. My hands were easy to wipe off after applying it, and I didn’t have that ‘sunscreen smell’ in my nostrils all afternoon long. And after 2-1/2 hours, it was also clear that the sun protection was working well – at least mostly.

FieldDay2012 087I had used the Natural Clear Sunscreen on our arms and legs and the Active FaceStick on our faces. The FaceStick was easy to apply both to my face and Becca’s, but I would recommend reapplying this type often because we both did get some sun on our faces that day. Only on our faces – the rest was fine. And since Field Day I’ve used the Active Sunscreen and the Kids Natural Sunscreen several times with no problems either. I do still tend to use the sprays on the kids’ bodies just because it saves time, but I’ve been using these on myself exclusively and on all of our faces. I wish Beyond Coastal had a spray sunscreen – that would be perfect for us.

The bottom line:

We’re only at the beginning of the summer season and I foresee a lot of sunscreen applications in my future over the next several months. I’m so glad to have these samples of Beyond Coastal to use whenever I can, so that I’ll feel a lot more comfortable about what I’m covering my kids (and myself) with. I’m working on teaching the older girls how to apply sunscreen effectively to themselves, so that will help with the time factor and make it much more efficient to use these non-spray sunscreens more often. For more information and to find out where to buy Beyond Coastal sunscreens in your area, visit their website at, or you can also find Beyond Coastal on Twitter (@BeyondCoastal) or Facebook as well.

WinnersExclusiveKitWould you like to try it?

I’m thrilled to have the chance to give away a Beyond Coastal prize pack to one lucky reader! The prize pack includes a selection of samples, similar to the ones I tried out – see the photo for more specifics. To enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget below – optional extra entries are available through the widget as well. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18 and older only and ends at 12:01am on June 23, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post courtesy of: Beyond Coastal and the Global Influence Network, who provided the product(s) for both review and giveaway. No payment or compensation, other than product samples as described above, was received for this post. All opinions given here are solely my own or those of my family.

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