Catch the Imagination Movers!

PRMovers2 The show, that is.  :)  It’s a new Playhouse Disney live-action series over on the Disney Channel – although the Imagination Movers group have been seen in videos and short clips between shows on Disney since September of 2006.

The group, basically an alternative rock band for preschoolers, consists of four band members – Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty – as "everyday guy" brain-stormers working hard to solve "idea emergencies" in their Idea Warehouse, a place of infinite inspiration.

Here’s a description of the show:

Each 30 minute episode features five songs presented in music video style performances by the band, bringing a rock-and-roll energy to every episode, as they solve the problem at hand. Three of the songs – "Imagination Movers" Opening Theme Song, "Brainstorm Song" and "Mover Music (Jump Up!)" – are repeated in every episode, while two new original episode-specific songs will be introduced in each installment.  Through music and storytelling, the Movers and the series encourage kids to exercise their bodies and brains.

Through fast-paced music and slapstick-style fun, the blue-suited Movers identify an "idea emergency" and then brainstorm problem-solving techniques, test out possible solutions and by the end of each episode, have used teamwork to solve the problem.  The problems are simple and often something one of the Movers is facing; for example, Scott has a bad hair day, Dave can’t stop sneezing and Rich gets his foot stuck in a bucket.  Other times, the source of the emergency is from the outside – a puppy shows up at the Movers door and a mysterious noise echoes through the Warehouse.  And occasionally, the Movers even get a genuine customer.

The Imagination Movers are Rich Collins, a former journalist and father of five young children; Scott Durbin, a former award-winning teacher and father of two young children; Dave Poche, a former architect and father of two young children; and Scott "Smitty" Smith, a New Orleans firefighter who was a member of the Hurricane Katrina search-and-rescue effort.  Three of the band members lost their homes, as well as their production office, instruments and props to Katrina.

The quartet started writing music for their own children and went on to perform nationwide in high-energy, interactive rock/hip-hop concerts.  Their funky, catchy songs, which have won over critics, parents and kids alike, are heard on satellite radio where they’ve topped the charts.  They’ve won multiple national music awards and were named a "Parenting Pick" by Parenting Magazine.

Here’s a video clip of the Movers in action:

Check them out this Saturday!

A brand-new episode of the Imagination Movers will air on Saturday, October 4th, at 10:00 am ET/PT on the Disney Channel.

In “Wayne Dance,” the Imagination Movers get their disco groove on when they help teach Nina’s friend, Wayne, how to dance.  After all other efforts (including a pair of remote control dancing shoes!) fail, the Movers finally take Wayne to the disco-style Dancing Room where Wayne learns to groove with ease.  Songs featured in this episode include “Get Up” and “Shakable You.” 

You don’t want to miss it!  :)

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