Brown suede boots – x3

When my second daughter was born, I do have to admit – I loved buying matching or coordinating outfits for my toddler and baby. Even with my mom’s warnings in my head (she’s the third of 3 girls and hated having duplicate hand-me-downs as a child), I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, aren’t these just too cute?

AbbyHannah - Jun03_1 Xmas2003-AbbyHannah

And yes, when my youngest daughter was born, I still couldn’t help myself. It was harder now to find coordinating options in all three sizes, but from time to time, I managed:

Girls - Oct06_6 GirlsSpring2007_2

Over the years, it’s taken a while for some of these pieces to work their way down through all three girls. And sometimes it’s a bit sad when I finally have to say goodbye to something I’ve loved watching all three of the them wear in turn…

Xmas2007-Abby_007  Hannah-dress Holiday2011-Becca05b

Then again, once poor Becca has made her way through not only one but two versions of any particular shirt or outfit, often it’s good to finally be done with it!

Nowadays when I buy clothes for the girls that are matching or coordinating, it’s more often either because I’m stocking up on a particular piece that’s a good deal or simply just by coincidence. Then there are times like this past weekend, when we headed into Justice at the mall, “just to look around” (because nothing in there is usually in my affordability range). But then I happened to find on a clearance rack, some pairs of dressy, fun boots – the kind that I never buy because they’re not an absolute necessity and for so long now we’ve only bought clothes that are needed, not ‘just because they’re cool’. And – after all the markdowns, the boots were less than $7 per pair. And of the four pairs they had left, three just happened to be sizes that fit my girls perfectly.

Now how could I pass that up?

So I splurged and spent $20 on three pairs of brown suede boots with sparkly toes. Because they’ve never had boots that weren’t winter boots or rain boots before. And it felt so good to be able to say ‘yes’ for once and get the girls something just for the heck of it.


Although… I do feel for poor Becca, who will be the recipient of both outgrown pairs of these boots eventually – it’s a good thing she likes them because she’ll be wearing brown suede boots with sparkly toes for many years to come!

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