Power up with RAVPower battery charger!


I was provided with a sample product to facilitate my review but have not received any other form of compensation for this post. As always, all opinions stated here are 100% my own or those of my family.
My iPhone battery frustrates me to no end, just about every day. I don’t think I’ve made it [...]

iPhone App Thursday Review – My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day Interactive Storybook (Giveaway – CLOSED)


With three daughters, it was pretty much inevitable that we would have a playroom filled with ponies. What I wasn’t initially expecting however, was just how much my kids would enjoy playing with the different My Little Pony (MLP) play sets and for how long they would continue to do so. At 5 years old, [...]

iPhone App Thursday Review: Audiobooks For Your Kids (Giveaway – CLOSED)


While my family has yet to take a really long road trip together, we do make quite a few shorter trips to visit friends or family – anywhere from a 1-3 hour drive. Over the years we’ve gone through several iterations of what to let the kids do or listen to in the car, from [...]

iPhone App Thursday Review: Moby by Contigo


Since I’ve had my iPhone, I’ve become a really big fan of apps that let you ‘check in’ to various places that you shop, eat or hang out at. I like that I can share where I am and what I’m doing and even share photos or quick tips to help others out as well. [...]

iPhone App Thursday Review: Grocery Gadget


Over the past few years since I was laid off from my full-time job, it’s become extremely important for our family to carefully make the most of every single dollar we spend – especially on food and personal care items that tend to add up quickly and where there are so many different choices and [...]

iPhone App Tuesday Review and Giveaway: Flixlab (CLOSED)


Yes, I know it’s not Thursday – I’m posting this week’s iPhone app review a couple of days early to fit in with a blog tour that I’m a part of. And it includes a fun giveaway too, so enjoy!
I love to take pictures – as pretty much anyone who knows me will [...]

iPhone App Thursday – Review: Instagram


I’ve mentioned in the past over on my other site, how much I love the Instagram app for the iPhone. It’s something I’ve actually had installed for a while but have just started using it on a regular basis fairly recently. If you’ve never heard of it – what Instagram does is lets you take [...]

Thursday is ‘iPhone App Day’ – Review: Cube Dog



Thank you to Cube Dog for sponsoring this review. For more information about Cube Dog please visit the Facebook page or download it on iTunes.
I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to start doing more reviews of iPhone apps – I get a lot of requests and even beyond that, there are so [...]

Check out goby – and you could win an iPad2!


If you’re a busy parent like I am, you’re likely always in search of fun things to do with your family – whether in your own town, or when you’re on the road traveling on vacation or to visit family or friends. I don’t always think to check the local newspapers to see what kinds [...]

Review: Energizer Induction Charger for iPhone & Blackberry


Nowadays it seems like I hardly leave the house without my iPhone. Actually, ‘seems’ probably isn’t totally accurate – I rarely leave the house without it and have been known to turn around and go back for my phone if I’m still on our street or haven’t left the neighborhood yet. Yes, I’m a bit [...]

Review: Lola’s Alphabet Train iPhone app


One thing that I’ve definitely noticed since purchasing my iPhone almost 1-1/2 years ago is that everyone else in my family likes to play with/on it too. That’s easy to understand – there are apps and games and such for everyone, and it’s so easy to download them to try out new ones. I try [...]

Review: Itsy Bitsy Spider for iPhone/iPod Touch


I’ve been thrilled to have had the chance to review the first two apps that Duck Duck Moose created for the iPhone/iPod Touch (Wheels on the Bus and Old MacDonald) – and am just as glad to have the opportunity to review their newest app as well – Itsy Bitsy Spider. Then again, my girls [...]

Review: chicBuds – Breast Cancer Awareness Edition


It’s October again, and like last year, I’m going to be spotlighting some of the products out there which are ‘going pink’ to help awareness (and funds) to help with the fight against breast cancer. Some companies simply turn existing products ‘pink’ for the month of October – but others offer both the product, and [...]

Review: Old MacDonald app for iPhone/iPod Touch


“Old MacDonald had a farm…” Oh yes, that’s one of the best-loved kids sing-along songs ever. Not only is it fun to sing, but it’s educational since it’s one of the best ways I’ve ever found to teach kids what different animals ‘say’. Plus, since nobody ever sings it the same way twice (or in [...]

Review: Little Lala and Little Lala’s ABC’s iPhone Apps


I’m starting to see a lot more apps coming out for the iPhone or iPod Touch that are directly aimed at little kids – and am thrilled to have so many different ways to help keep my preschooler amused with something that I carry with me pretty much at all times anyway. You never know [...]

Review and Giveaway: iStoryTime, “The Wiener Dog Magnet” (CLOSED)


I’ve had an iPhone for the past few months, and before that I’d had an iPod Touch since last fall. Now while I absolutely love all of the features, the touch screen, and the way in which I can carry my e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, phone, iPod and even a decent camera all in one device. [...]

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