Holiday Gift Idea: Shutterfly Photo Books #SFLYphotobook (Giveaway – closed)


Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Whether it’s to commemorate a special family moment or just capture the everyday memories, snapping photos of our lives is as easy as pulling out the cell phone that we all seem to have right on-hand nowadays. And while sharing pictures online is quick and easy – and [...]

Review: Mattel Fijit Friends Newbies


Last year my girls were thrilled when we had the chance to not only review one of Mattel’s new Fijit Friends, but also invite several of their friends over for a fun dance party. They still get our Fijit Friend, Sage, out on a regular basis and dance with her (which reminds me that Sage [...]

Halloween Candy Idea: Smarties! #IamASmartie #CBias


From the time that my girls were very small (pretty much as soon as they were old enough to start trying a few treats here or there), they’ve all had a favorite candy. Surprisingly to me (an admitted chocoholic), it’s not anything gooey or chocolate-covered – but rather all 3 of them absolutely love Smarties.
I [...]

Bake some love this Valentine’s Day with NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE®! (24-hour giveaway – CLOSED)


As a child I grew up on NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® chocolate chip cookies. To this day, I don’t even consider any other kind when I’m looking to make some yummy chocolate chip cookies for my family – we go straight for the Toll House semi-sweet morsels. Because my feeling is, why mess with perfection?  And [...]

Check out new Limited Edition Pillow Pets for Valentine’s Day! (Giveaway – CLOSED)


If you ask my girls what their favorite plush friends are right now, you’d probably get a resounding, ‘My Pillow Pet!’ from all three of them. They love their Pillow Pets and have taken them everywhere from sleepovers with their friends (works perfectly to roll up a pair of PJs into the Pillow Pet when [...]

Review and Giveaway: Hershey’s holiday stocking & candy (CLOSED)


I am a chocoholic – yes, I’ll admit it. And I will also have to admit that I am a chocolate snob as well – no ‘cheap’ or generic brands for me when it comes to my sweet tooth! One of my favorite chocolate brands, and the one I keep going back to over and [...]

Review: Tiny Prints Holiday Cards for 2010


I have been a big fan of Tiny Prints, the company that provides personalized social stationary options of all kinds, for several years now. I first heard of them back in 2008, when I reviewed their holiday cards, and have done a couple of reviews and giveaways for them since then as well. Last year [...]

Review: Giving Thanks Facebook App from ToonUps


With the American holiday of Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, it’s the time of year when many of us think hard about what we’re grateful and thankful for in our lives. It’s also the time of year when we look to find ways to give back and make a positive difference both in our own lives [...]

Review: Shutterfly’s new holiday card collection


I take a lot of pictures. In fact, if you ask any of my family or friends they’ll probably tell you that’s an understatement – I take A LOT of pictures. And I always have – with the 18 photo albums from childhood and college years to prove it. When my oldest daughter was 3 [...]

Giveaway: CardsDirect (CLOSED)


Over the past year or so I’ve discovered the wonderful benefits of ordering greeting cards online. Not only can you get a much greater selection of cards than in stores, but you can choose options that are unique or different in terms of size or style. And you can personalize the cards with your own [...]

Review: Costume Supercenter


One of the first questions that comes up after school starts and my kids settle in to their new classes and activities – inevitably will be, “What are you going to be for Halloween?”. It takes a lot of thought and decision-making before they each settle on their choice. In previous years, there would almost [...]



As my husband could tell you, I tend to be a greeting card type of person. I like to pick out cards for people – the right card, that is – and always get excited to see people’s faces when they open and read them. But although I always have the intention of choosing, buying, [...]

Giveaway: $50 Tiny Prints Gift Certificate (CLOSED)

Over the past year, I’ve done a couple of contests for gift certificates to Tiny Prints – a wonderful card and invitation company that provides good-quality, attractive cards that can be personalized with your own message and photos. Last fall I reviewed their holiday cards, and then over the winter, the Valentine’s Day line. And [...]

Review and Giveaway: Hallmark Recordable & 99-Cent Cards


There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you see a greeting card envelope in the mail – especially when it’s getting close to your birthday. It’s so nice to be able to get excited about mail, instead of worrying about what you might find when you open the mailbox, bill-wise. Plus, greeting cards not only [...]

Review and (quick!) Giveaway: (Part 1)


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everyone’s thoughts turn to greeting cards and fun, creative gift ideas. Whether you’re buying for your significant other, your kids or everyone you care about, it’s easy to get stuck in the same rut of having to decide between candy or stuffed animals. But nowadays there are so [...]

Review and Giveaway: Tiny Prints Valentine’s Cards


The very first year that my oldest daughter was in preschool, I received quite an education myself when it came to Valentine’s Day. My daughter was so excited to pick out Valentines with her favorite cartoon character, and take them with her to school for her classmates on the day of their Valentine’s party.
But what [...]

Holiday Gift Guide – Review and Giveaway: Christopher Pop-In-Kins


Gift Guide Categories: Gifts for Kids
Like most families, we have our holiday traditions. And they involve what most of you would consider the ‘usual’ ones – going through the Advent calendar every December, or setting out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. But thanks to Christopher Pop-In-Kins, we have a wonderful new tradition [...]

Review and Giveaway: Simple Salutations


I am seeing more and more ‘mom-owned’ businesses lately – which I think is wonderful. I love how we moms are making our careers work for us instead of the other way around – and hope to keep highlighting this type of business for you.
So what do you get when you’ve a got [...]

Review and Giveaway: Tiny Prints


Every year around Thanksgiving time, I drag my husband and three daughters to any one of a number of local photo studios to get holiday pictures taken. The process itself is usually stressful, but somehow we always seem to manage to end up with photos that I love, whether we’re doing a family portrait that [...]

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