Getting ready for middle school… Already?



What they say is definitely true — time flies when you have kids. I remember that the first five years of Abbi’s life seemed like such a long time, up until she was ready to head off to kindergarten. And then I blinked — and now she’s going into seventh grade and starting middle school. […]

Create Kidvitations from Smuckers (Giveaway – CLOSED)



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When I was a kid, we lived just down the street from our neighborhood elementary school. As a result, every day I would walk the four houses down to ours and eat lunch at home with my mom and little brother. It was nice to have that […]

Back to School With Lance Sandwich Crackers (Review)

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The end of summer is a busy time as we moms get our kids excited and ready to go back to school. There’s shopping for clothes, shoes and school supplies plus the challenge of finding sensible snack and lunch options that we can feel good about […]

Review: Intelius 24-Hour Pass for People Search


It’s been just over 20 years since I graduated from high school – and wow did that time go by quickly. Although I made it to our 10-year reunion in 1998, the 20-year reunion last year just wasn’t do-able for my family. Over the years it’s been interesting to see who’s added their information to […]

“Loads of Hope” with Tide


In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, in November 2005 the laundry detergent brand Tide saw and recognized the need for victims and their families to have access to clean clothes. Their response was to send the Tide “Loads of Hope” truck to Camp Hope in the Metairie, LA area, where they cleaned over 10,000 loads […]



I’m a busy mom. When I was working outside the home, I was busy at work all day and then came home and rushed around trying to do my ‘second job’ in half the amount of time.Generally not terribly well. And now that I’m home during the day for the moment, I’m finding that staying […]