Review and Giveaway: New Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max (CLOSED)


A couple of months ago Pampers introduced their new Cruisers diapers, with Dry Max technology to provide wetness protection in a diaper that’s been completely redesigned to be 20% thinner than before – to help wiggly, active babies move around easier, and also to lessen the impact that the diapers have on the environment by […]

Giveaway Blast #5 – SafetyTat (CLOSED)


As a parent, what’s your number one worst nightmare? Other than accident or illness befalling my children, I know that mine is somehow losing one of my kids when we’re out and about in a crowd or having one of them wander off somewhere out in public. I’ve had a couple of scary moments […]

Review: Oliver’s Labels


My oldest daughter is a Daddy’s Girl through and through. Not only is she very attached to her father, but she also takes after him in a lot of ways. One trait that I’m wishing she hadn’t inherited is the tendency toward absent-mindedly putting things down or not keeping track of them. I am constantly […]

Review and Giveaway: Cart-Stopper


Through the past almost eight (gasp!) years, three babies, and a myriad of various shopping trips to everywhere from the grocery store, the mall, and everywhere in between – one fear that I’ve never quite been able to erase is the scenario where I pull my shopping cart (or stroller) up to the van and […]

Giveaway: Miracle Blanket


One of the most interesting things I remember back from childbirth classes was trying to learn how to swaddle an infant. It wasn’t much easier on a doll that laid still than it was on our newborn baby once she was born – but by the time our second and third daughters were born, we […]

Giveaway: Pookie Poncho


With all of the cold weather and snow that we’ve got outside (at least here in the Midwest!) right now it makes us parents think twice about taking our kids outside, unless we absolutely have to. But when we do, we make sure that they’re bundled up as snug and warm as possible. Which […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Review: Play and Learn Baby Spoon

Gift Guide Category: Gifts For Baby/New Moms

My youngest daughter may be almost three years old, but I well remember that stage that kids go through as they turn from baby into toddler and start wanting to do everything for themselves.
Like eating. I used to regularly use two spoons to feed my kids – one to […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Review: Fill In The Blankie


Gift Guide Category: Gifts For Baby/New Moms

One thing that it seems all of us parents want for our kids when they’re born is something personalized. I know that when I was pregnant with my oldest, I spent hours working on a cross-stitched sampler. And even though I didn’t have the time to do so for […]