It’s a Dance Party to kick off the World’s Largest Waterslide-athon at Great Wolf Lodge!


On your mark. Get set. SLIDE!
My family is thrilled to be hosted up at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI for tonight and tomorrow – my kids have been begging to come back here ever since our first trip, during the Snowland Festival back in December of 2009. This time we’re here during [...]

My girls are #Crayola VIPs – Very Important Pixies, that is…


Wow, what a whirlwind of a day… The kind that hardly seems like it ever even happened now that it’s just about over, and only the city traffic noise outside our hotel room window – not to mention the amazing room I’m sitting in as I write this, remind me that this is real, and [...]

We’re meeting #Crayola’s new Pop Art Pixies this weekend in NYC!


It’s kind of strange actually, here I’d spent most of my life never having had visited the Big Apple (other than one long-ago afternoon spent almost entirely driving around), and this year I end up there not once, not even twice – but three times. I’m not complaining though – far from it, as I’ve [...]

Review and Giveaway: Kodak EasyShare M580 Digital Camera (CLOSED)


Late this past summer, I was so fortunate to be able to attend the 2010 BlogHer Conference in New York City. It was an amazing experience all around (one that I’ll finally be blogging more about soon too) but one of the things that I was the most looking forward to was an event that [...]

Pick Two with Wendy’s! (Giveaway – CLOSED)


One of my favorite places to take my kids out to eat is Wendy’s. But it wasn’t always that way… They’ve made a few changes in the past year or two that have made me a much bigger fan of eating there – namely the addition of the Boneless Wings (Honey BBQ – yum!) to [...]

Introducing… the 2011 Honda Odyssey!


Last month, I was included in a group of bloggers invited to spend a couple of days in the San Diego area to take a look at, test drive and learn more about the brand-new Honda Odyssey minivan that is being introduced to consumers today. I’ve driven minivans pretty much exclusively for the past 8 [...]

California, here I come! And other updates…


I know, I’ve hardly gotten unpacked from my last trip to BlogHer a few weeks ago, and here I am headed away again – this time to the opposite coast, in fact. I will be joining a group of other bloggers in San Diego on Thursday and Friday to check out the unveiling of [...]

In only a week, I’ll be in NYC for BlogHer 2010!

Last year was my first time experiencing all that is the annual BlogHer conference – and it was an amazing, overwhelming, incredible time that took me several days afterward to recover from. I’d been to business conferences before through various employers, but this is NOTHING like those. In fact, there’s really no way to truly [...]

Don’t forget to tune in to The Jensen Project on Friday!!

A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to travel to New York City to attend a screening of the newest ‘Family Movie Night’ offering from Walmart and P&G, called The Jensen Project.  The movie will air this coming Friday on NBC at 8:00 pm ET.
It was a lot of fun to attend [...]

Energizer and BlogHer, recharge me!

BlogHer. The incredibly amazing experience where over a thousand bloggers meet once a year to connect, to share ideas, to learn – and to recharge themselves and their blogs.
BlogHer, meet Energizer. The battery company that thinks like a mom and provides ‘smart’ charging to power our electronically-filled lives. By creating products like the Recharge Smart™ [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Highlights from Times Square


See more photos at Wordless Wednesday, Minutes For Mom and over at my other site, Mom of 3 Girls!

1. Family of Five

2. alicia @ a beautiful mess *LINKY*

3. Angie @ My Four Monkeys

4. Melanie @ Whimsical Creations

5. Rainbow At Dusk

This linky list is now closed.
Get your own [...]

A Blogger in New York City…

So what does a blogger decide to do when set loose upon New York City for a couple of days? Well, sightsee of course. And take lots (and lots) of pictures. And maybe do a Whrrl story or two…
I’d like to share some of the sights that I saw and thoughts that I had while [...]

Off to NYC to see ‘The Jensen Project’!


So now that our “school’s out” schedule is starting to slow down, I should be able to start getting back into the swing of things where posting reviews and such are concerned. I have a huge backlog, so am looking forward to getting all of the thoughts that have been circulating in my head [...]

The one where I talk about conferences, sponsorship and how to put the two together. :)

When I first started blogging, in May of 2007, I almost immediately began seeing all of these bloggers writing posts looking forward to something called ‘BlogHer’, and even though I hardly knew what it was all about, it looked like a really good opportunity to learn more about blogging, meet other bloggers and just have [...]

Was it only a week ago? Great Wolf Lodge’s Snowland 2009

What changes just a week will bring – last Sunday we arrived home from our amazing weekend up at Great Wolf Lodge, and tonight I sit here to finally sum up our trip, while recovering from surgery and still in somewhat of a bit of pain (more on that at my other site).

We left [...]

Great Wolf Lodge Day #1 – in photos (and video)

It’s Sunday night and we’re back from our weekend get-away trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI. It was a wonderful weekend in so many ways, both as a family vacation and as a blogger event and I have so much that I want to tell you all about the trip. But since [...]

It’s Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge!


A few years ago the Great Wolf Lodge came to Michigan when they built one of their indoor water park resorts in Traverse City. Since then it’s been one of those things that’s been on our list to take our girls to ‘someday’. Well now ‘someday’ has come, and we are headed off today for [...]

General Mills Eat & Greet – We came, we ate, and it was great!



Ok, so cheesiness of the title aside, it’s certainly correct. It was a whirlwind of a trip – the whole event lasted just about 24 hours, including downtime, but there was so much going on at every moment and I had an absolutely amazing time.
After the first night’s experience at the Mill City Museum, we [...]

General Mills’ Eat & Greet event – Day 1



Just about a week ago, I headed off on a quick hour’s flight to Minneapolis – an area which I have visited before, and in fact spent a summer living in (exactly 20 years ago, wow!). I love Minnesota – at least in the summertime. The air is so crisp and clear, the colors bright [...]

BlogHer Recap #2 – Day One


So I’ve been meaning to write this post for the past month, but as with everything else this summer, I’ve gotten behind. But I wanted to finish my BlogHer recap and also mention a few of the brands and products that I learned about while I was there. No, I have not been paid or [...]

Off to ‘Eat and Greet’!

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be scarce around here and my other site for the next couple of days. I am heading off this morning to Minneapolis to visit with the folks from General Mills for a two-day ‘Eat and Greet’ event with a group of other bloggers.

I’m excited [...]

Apparently ‘Swag’ is a four-letter word – BlogHer recap #2

I’ve been mulling over the BlogHer experience in my head for a couple of days now, and I spent quite a bit of time today reading through everyone else’s recap posts – perhaps in an attempt to avoid writing more of my own. But while I agree with much of what others are saying, I [...]

Oh where to begin… My (first) post-BlogHer recap

I came home from Chicago yesterday. Well, two days ago if you’re getting technical since by the time I’ve actually sat down to write this, it’s just past 1:30am. And although I need to get to bed (definitely), I need to get out at least some of my thoughts about the whole experience that was [...]

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