From Disney to DeVos…

This week will be a study in contrasts, in more ways than one.
I’ve spent the past 6 days in Orlando, Florida on a solo trip to the TravelingMom 2015 #TMOMDisney retreat. It’s an annual chance to learn, grow, network and enjoy the time away from home. Last year we made it a family affair and […]

Review: Michigan’s Adventure: Two Parks for the Price of One!


My family was hosted at Michigan’s Adventure and provided with vouchers for a meal at the Family Grill. As always, all opinions stated here are either my own or those of my family.
My older kids’ very first roller coaster was Shivering Timbers – Michigan’s longest, fastest coaster that hits speeds of 65 mph and heights […]

Our whirlwind road trip to Disney World


We were hosted by Disney World for two nights and provided with park tickets as part of the TravelingMom retreat. We were also hosted by Diamond Resorts at the Mystic Dunes resort for two nights as well. All opinions stated here are 100% my own or those of my family, as always.
When it comes to […]

Snowed In, part 2 (Really, really snowed in!)


I can’t remember another winter when our school district used all 6 of its allotted snow days – and more. Everybody I talk to says that they don’t remember another winter this bad – including my mom, who’s seen 80 of them now. Even the Blizzard of 1978 wasn’t this bad (according to my husband) […]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Days 20 & 21 (Georgia)



After three full weeks away from home for the girls and I (and 8 weeks for Ron), our trip was beginning to wind down. We left Clearwater on Saturday morning and soon afterward we said goodbye to the state of Florida as well. Heading north, we were on the road pretty much all day – […]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 19 (Clearwater)



Having spent over a week in Orlando, we regretfully had said goodbye to our awesome vacation rental home, headed over toward the gulf side of the state and squished our family into a nice but tiny hotel room for one night, thanks to the reward points Ron had earned during his 5-week stay in North […]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 17 (SeaWorld)



When Ron and I were planning our vacation, there were several things we were hoping to do, a few that would be nice if we could squeeze them in – and a few very big ‘must-do’ items. One of those was Disney, of course. And another – was SeaWorld, especially for Hannah.
Hannah loves animals – […]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 16 (Pool Drama)



After our long and wonderful day on Monday at the Magic Kingdom, we had wisely scheduled our last ‘down’ day for Tuesday. And this was truly a down day, with nothing at all planned or scheduled. We wanted to enjoy the pool as much as possible and just relax and have fun being together in […]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 15 (Magic Kingdom)


When I’ve thought about taking my kids to Disney World, what comes to mind immediately, of course is the park which is to me, the epitome of Disney – the Magic Kingdom. Back when I was a kid, this park is what ‘Disney World’ was – it wasn’t until I was 11 years old that […]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 14 (Blogging Friends)


One very cool part of this trip has been the opportunity to spend some time in person with a few of my online blogging friends. These are folks I’ve met in person before (at various conferences or other blogging events) but it was wonderful to be able to spend some more time with them again. […]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 11 (AllStar Vacation Homes)


Yes, I’m a bit behind on blogging this trip – but for good reason, we’ve been having a blast here in Orlando. Catching up some tonight and tomorrow.
As requested by my worn-out husband, who just finished a 6-week stint away from home, staying in hotels and working 12+ hour days, our first full day […]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 10 (Downtown Disney)


It was kind of an odd feeling waking up yesterday and not knowing where we’d be staying that night. Our original lodging had fallen through – we were supposed to be staying at a Disney-area resort, who’d offered us lodging when I was working through the local Convention & Visitors Bureau. It was a rental […]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 9 (On the road again…)


This is going to be a pretty short update, since there’s really not much to report. We left Wilmington bright and early this morning and headed – west. Yes, west. We had to drop off Ron’s work truck in Columbia, South Carolina before we could get going on our way to Florida, so we took […]