Rock your Vacation and win a VIP trip to Kissimmee, FL


Last week, I had the chance to visit Central Florida and was hosted on a press trip by Experience Kissimmee to help kick off their “Rock Your Vacation” Instagram video contest that launched on February 3rd. The other bloggers attending and I got the chance to experience Kissimmee like VIPs, just as the contest winner [...]

Snowed In, part 2 (Really, really snowed in!)


I can’t remember another winter when our school district used all 6 of its allotted snow days – and more. Everybody I talk to says that they don’t remember another winter this bad – including my mom, who’s seen 80 of them now. Even the Blizzard of 1978 wasn’t this bad (according to my husband) [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Days 20 & 21 (Georgia)



After three full weeks away from home for the girls and I (and 8 weeks for Ron), our trip was beginning to wind down. We left Clearwater on Saturday morning and soon afterward we said goodbye to the state of Florida as well. Heading north, we were on the road pretty much all day – [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 19 (Clearwater)



Having spent over a week in Orlando, we regretfully had said goodbye to our awesome vacation rental home, headed over toward the gulf side of the state and squished our family into a nice but tiny hotel room for one night, thanks to the reward points Ron had earned during his 5-week stay in North [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 18 (Wizarding World of Harry Potter)



Wands, spells, dragons, potions… The Harry Potter books and movies have been a big part of our family for quite some time, ever since a friend convinced me to read the first book years and years ago, and I then convinced Ron. He was hooked immediately and became pretty obsessed with reading the Harry Potter [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 17 (SeaWorld)



When Ron and I were planning our vacation, there were several things we were hoping to do, a few that would be nice if we could squeeze them in – and a few very big ‘must-do’ items. One of those was Disney, of course. And another – was SeaWorld, especially for Hannah.
Hannah loves animals – [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 16 (Pool Drama)



After our long and wonderful day on Monday at the Magic Kingdom, we had wisely scheduled our last ‘down’ day for Tuesday. And this was truly a down day, with nothing at all planned or scheduled. We wanted to enjoy the pool as much as possible and just relax and have fun being together in [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 15 (Magic Kingdom)


When I’ve thought about taking my kids to Disney World, what comes to mind immediately, of course is the park which is to me, the epitome of Disney – the Magic Kingdom. Back when I was a kid, this park is what ‘Disney World’ was – it wasn’t until I was 11 years old that [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 14 (Blogging Friends)


One very cool part of this trip has been the opportunity to spend some time in person with a few of my online blogging friends. These are folks I’ve met in person before (at various conferences or other blogging events) but it was wonderful to be able to spend some more time with them again. [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 13 (Family party & Hannah’s ears)



One of the nice things about this trip is that since Ron has family in Orlando, we got a chance to see some of them while we were down here visiting. Ron’s first cousin (Dan), his wife (Ruth) and their three grown kids (plus 3 grandkids) all live in the area and one of them [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 12 (#Disney Animal Kingdom & Epcot)



Ron and I thought through pretty thoroughly about which Disney parks we wanted to make it a priority to get to on this trip, especially knowing that we would have a limited number of days at the parks. The Magic Kingdom was a must, of course – and since our girls are all animal lovers, [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 11 (AllStar Vacation Homes)


Yes, I’m a bit behind on blogging this trip – but for good reason, we’ve been having a blast here in Orlando. Catching up some tonight and tomorrow.
As requested by my worn-out husband, who just finished a 6-week stint away from home, staying in hotels and working 12+ hour days, our first full [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 10 (Downtown Disney)


It was kind of an odd feeling waking up yesterday and not knowing where we’d be staying that night. Our original lodging had fallen through – we were supposed to be staying at a Disney-area resort, who’d offered us lodging when I was working through the local Convention & Visitors Bureau. It was a rental [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 9 (On the road again…)


This is going to be a pretty short update, since there’s really not much to report. We left Wilmington bright and early this morning and headed – west. Yes, west. We had to drop off Ron’s work truck in Columbia, South Carolina before we could get going on our way to Florida, so we took [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 8 (Last Day in NC!)


It’s finally here – our last day in North Carolina. Tomorrow, we’ll head south for Florida. We’ve been on the road a full week as of today, which seems so strange. It’s going by so quickly! But we’ve had an amazing time so far and today was no exception, even if we didn’t make it [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 7 (NC Aquarium & Michael’s Seafood)


There were a lot of options for things to see here in Wilmington – several of which my kids had no interest in whatsoever, like the Battleship USS North Carolina or the Serpentarium. I don’t know if it’s because they’re girls, or what. But what they did get all excited about seeing today was the [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 6 (Downtown Wilmington)


After several days of going, going, going, we took a breather this morning and slept in. It was nice to lie in bed, snuggle with the girls and watch the Olympics coverage. Although I wouldn’t normally be turning on the television much (if at all) while on vacation, the fact that the Olympics are on [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 5 (Wrightsville Beach)


Ever since my kids first watched the movie Barbie in a Mermaid Tale, they’ve thought that surfing was the coolest thing ever. From Hannah pretending to surf down the hill in the backyard on snow sleds in the winter to Becca calling one of her small blankets her ‘surfboard’ and spreading it out on the [...]

2012 Vacation Road Trip – Day 4 (Carolina Beach)


It was so nice to wake up this morning and know that we didn’t have to pack up the hotel room and spend the day in the van. And so, I let me, Hannah and Becca all sleep in – we were woken up finally when Ron and Abbi got hungry for breakfast and came [...]

Vacation Road Trip – Day 3 (Firsts)


I think my brain is fried – or at least seriously scrambled. It’s been another long day on the road, although we’re finally at our destination. Our first destination, anyway.
We started off the day fairly early again since Ron had to work out of the room that we were staying in. Packing everything [...]

Vacation Road Trip – Day 2 (Reunion!)



The things that I did not miss about my husband being gone for five weeks this summer?
Well let’s see… Top of the list is snoring. As I sit in our hotel room tonight writing this accompanied by that very sound, I’m reminded of how nice it has been to have a quiet night’s sleep these [...]

Only one week left until… Vacation here we come! #TMOM


Back at the beginning of this year, Ron and I made the decision that somehow, some way – we would take a family vacation to Orlando, Florida. The kids have been asking to go to Disney World for years, and it’s been a dozen years now since the last time Ron and I went, on [...]

Lions, tigers and (a lack of) polar bears – oh my!



Over Memorial Day weekend a couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to do something that I’d been wanting to do for quite some time. We took our girls to the zoo. Not our small local one which we love (but have been to many times) but the zoo that I remember my parents [...]

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