Snowed In


After the world’s longest winter break, my kids finally went back to school today.
Ok, so it wasn’t really the longest winter break ever – but it was three days longer than it was supposed to be, and by yesterday it was feeling like the kids were never going to go back.
Getting everyone out the door [...]

Halloween 2013 – Last-Minute Costumes


Nothing like last minute, right?
Halloween costumes have recently become a big source of stress for me. Gone are the years where I could shop a year ahead and grab something cute on clearance, “oh don’t you want to be a _____ this year? You’ll be so cute!”.
Yeah, right. Now the kids are old enough to [...]

Luck ‘o the Irish


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Yes, I know I’m a little bit late, but I’ve been sick all weekend, so I’m a bit behind.
This was a strange St. Patrick’s Day for me – not only with being sick, but with the day falling on a weekend so the girls really didn’t have any school [...]

Telling Santa what to do


My oldest daughter is a very unique personality. She’s a concrete thinker to the extreme where everything is black-and-white with no grays in between. We struggle with the fact that she just simple NEEDS to be in the middle of what’s going on – not just to know that things are going to happen as [...]