Parenting a Tween… with cancer


The terrible 2’s? No problem, got that down. The toddler and preschool years weren’t fun at times, but little ones can be manipulated into doing just about anything and if you’re really good, they even get excited about it too.
Moody teenage daughter? Check. But even she pales against the attitude that we get from her […]

Reflections from the hospital


I feel like 2015 is going by in a blur so far. Two months ago today our world as we knew it completely changed, when we heard the words, “there was something of concern on her CT scan.” Surgery, then the dreaded phrase, recurrence of tumor. One month ago today our ‘new’ normal began as […]

The other ‘C’ word: Chemotherapy


Almost exactly two years ago, we got the diagnosis that scares the heck out of any parent – the big ‘C’ word. The funky-looking thing that had been growing on Hannah’s right knee? Was cancer. Which was terrifying. But while the surgery to remove her knee of any extra cancer cells itself was extensive – […]

Remembering Dad


Three nights ago, my brother and I sat on either side of the bed across from our father in the hospice wing at Henry Ford Hospital in downtown Detroit as he drew his last breath. It was the end of a 7-month long journey as he struggled with diagnosis and treatments for rhabdomyosarcoma and over […]

Hemangiopericytoma… again


The past week has been a whirlwind of doctors, hospital, phone calls and a lot to take in and process. I still can’t believe how quickly everything has moved. Hannah’s surgery was just on Tuesday and now here, on Saturday night, everything has changed.
She did so amazingly with this surgery. We knew that she did […]

Hannah surgery–round 2…


So here we go again… Sigh.
After her rather extensive leg surgery back in April of 2013 to make sure that all of the hemangiopericytoma tumor had been removed, Hannah’s follow-up scans have all been perfect, first at 3 and 6 months out and then every four months after that. In late May, her doctors felt […]

Tutorial: Paracord Candy Canes


When I was a kid, my mom took a macrame class (yes this was back in the early 80’s). She then taught me everything she’d learned and together we made everything from plant hangers to Christmas ornaments that year. I still have several of the ornaments and decorations that we made, and one of my […]

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed

You have those days too, right?
The ones when you don’t know exactly what’s wrong but everything and everybody just seems to rub you the wrong way…
Yeah, that.
I have to admit it’s been a while since I’ve had one of ‘those’ days, so I guess I was due. Or overdue.
I know I’m under a lot of […]

This kick…


Yep, this exact kick, caught on film (so to speak) for posterity.
You have to understand that this kick was a fluke in more ways than one.
I have never before seen my kid attempt to put any part of her body in front of the soccer ball during the eight seasons that she has played. When […]

One hundred miles #running


Last week I hit a milestone in my running – according to the MapMyRun app, I’ve now run over 100 miles since I started running in mid-March. After my last run I’m sitting at 108 total miles.
I am blown away by the fact that I not only am STILL running after my original goal of […]

Reminiscences of a soccer mom…


I never truly thought much about it back when Abbi was four years old. “Let’s sign her up for soccer!” I suggested to my husband. I don’t exactly remember why, although I’m sure it had something to do with wanting to help work out all the energy she had, get her into some kind of […]